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If PrestaShop helps to make it easier for you to sell your products online, Smart Send can help to make it easier to send them:

1. Sign in/Register for a FREE Smart Send account.
2. Connect your PrestaShop account to Smart Send.
3. Book your deliveries with the help of Smart Send.
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PrestaShop Shipping Made Simple

Why pay more to add on a PrestaShop shipping module when you can sign up to Smart Send for free? Our solution provides you with the delivery management tools that make it easier for you to run a successful online business.

As a business, your time and money are precious, so why not spend them on the things you’re good at? With Smart Send’s integrated PrestaShop delivery solutions, we’ll help you maximise your time and minimise your costs – leaving you free to focus on running a successful business.

Why Use Smart Send For Your PrestaShop Delivery?

With so many exceptional features, it’s easy to see why our customers choose Smart Send for all their PrestaShop shipping needs.

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up:

  • Import buyer and product information in seconds.
  • Amend, delete or bulk-edit orders whenever you need.
  • The most competitive PrestaShop delivery quotes.
  • Book and schedule your shipping orders with a single click.
  • Resolve disputes easily with our delivery tracking features.
  • Easy access to invoices and statements for all your orders.

Who Can Use Our PrestaShop Courier Integration?

For any business that uses PrestaShop to sell their products, Smart Send is for you. This fully flexible solution delivers total courier integration – whether you usually send 10 or 1,000 parcels a day. You only pay for the deliveries you make, which means there's no criteria to meet. Just sign up and hey presto: our PrestaShop delivery service is all yours to use.

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We Link With All These Online Marketplace Platforms

Smart Send also integrates with some of the world's largest e-commerce platforms and order management systems.