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With our integrated Magento delivery solution, transform and take control of the way you manage your orders as easy as 1-2-3.

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2. Connect your Magento account to Smart Send.
3. Book your deliveries with the help of Smart Send.
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Do I Need to Consider Magento Shipping Options?

Integrated Magento shipping options take the strain out of processing deliveries, cutting down the time and money it uses to take up shipping your goods. Just as flexible as Magento is as a selling platform, there are flexible Magento shipping methods to make sending so much easier.

Why Use Smart Send’s Magento Delivery Solution?

For total Magento courier integration, look no further than Smart Send from TNT Direct. Our integrated Magento shipping option is tailor-made for those sellers who want complete control over managing orders and booking deliveries – without having to spend hours doing it by hand.

Check out the features that make Smart Send the smart choice for Magento delivery.

  • FREE to sign up and create a Smart Send account.
  • Amend, delete or bulk-edit orders whenever you need.
  • Book your deliveries with a single click of a button.
  • Get the most competitive Magento delivery quotes.
  • Keep your customers up to speed with delivery tracking.
  • Easy access to invoices and statements for all your orders.
  • Tailor your delivery preferences for specific items.
  • Upload order and buyer information in seconds.

Can I Use Smart Send for Magento Deliveries?

With more people turning to Magento to drive their online sales, our integrated Smart Send Magento shipping method can be used by anyone. Sign up for your account now for free and discover how you can provide the ultimate delivery experience to your Magento customers.

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Smart Send also integrates with some of the world's largest e-commerce platforms and order management systems.