Advice on Packaging

Labelling Advice

Packaging advice label tick


  • Make address labels clearly legible
  • Place labels on the top of the parcel
  • Ensure label is securely affixed to the package
  • Include the recipient's postcode
  • Include the recipient's phone number where possible
  • Remove all old address labels
  • Ensure the barcode is placed flat
  • Include a return address
  • Include a duplicate label inside the package (this will help us to locate your item in the unlikely event of damage to the outer packaging)
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  • Place tape or shrink wrap over labels
  • Put a P.O. Box number on the label
  • Cover the barcode or routing label in any way
  • Stick Labels onto non-stick materials
  • Place labels over the corner of boxes

Packaging Advice

Packaging advice tick


  • Use TNT self-sealing, security, plastic satchels for small items
  • Protect delicate items such as discs and CDs with additional protection
  • Wrap multiple items separately
  • Ensure the box/packaging used is suitable for the weight of the contents
  • Mark any parcels over 25 kilos as "Heavy"
  • Ensure heavy items have additional support or cushioning
  • Pack irregular shapes with added protection
  • Ensure metal objects are packaged and wrapped with extra care to prevent injury to our staff and damage to other customers' goods
  • Ensure highly finished items are well padded for protection
  • Ensure fragile items are well wrapped and packed as far away from the edges as possible
  • Place documents in sturdy envelopes
  • Ensure items that could come into contact in transit have protection between them within the box
  • Stack boxes evenly on pallets, and secure with shrink wrapping, strapping or banding
  • Use high-quality adhesive parcel tape to seal parcels
Packaging advice cross


  • Loosely pack breakable items with non-breakables
  • Leave sharp, metal edges exposed
  • Use flimsy boxes for heavy objects
  • Leave boxes for heavy objects
  • Allow boxes to overhang on pallets
  • Stack pallets in a pyramid
  • Interlock or brick boxes on pallets
  • Send engines unless they are crated and drained of oil and other liquids
  • Send paint or thinners without being packed in cartons that meet regulations
  • Overfill boxes