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Quick and Careful Parcel Delivery to New Zealand with TNT Direct

Here at TNT, we’re proud to have a team who deliver the quickest and most reliable courier service around. We deliver to over two hundred world-wide locations, meaning that wherever your parcel needs to be, we can get it there. We guarantee that your package will be delivered to its location quickly, on time and in perfect condition by our expert team of professionals. International parcel delivery has never been so easy!

How to send your parcel to New Zealand

Trying to ship a parcel to New Zealand? Then our TNT team can help to make delivery simple. Firstly, enter your address, destination, contact information and package dimensions on our website. Then all you need to do is choose your preferred option based on price and delivery date, confirm your collection, print some labels and complete your payment. Before you know it, one of our expert couriers will be on your doorstep and ready to deliver your parcel to its overseas destination. To enlist the help of the best courier service around, enter your details on our website today – your package will arrive promptly and in perfect condition just 2-3 working days later.

Book your parcel delivery to New Zealand today

TNT provides reliable and efficient international delivery to New Zealand. Our customers are looking for a quick, professional service that they can trust, so that’s what we deliver. Enlist our help today, and the service you receive will be punctual and considerate. For peace of mind and supreme customer care, arrange your parcel delivery with TNT Direct.