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Quick and Careful Parcel Delivery to Italy with TNT Direct

Our team at TNT Direct deliver to more than two hundred nations around the globe, which means that wherever our customers want to send a parcel, we can deliver it. We offer competitive international prices to thousands of businesses and individuals every day, and are committed to offering our customers the very best prices. If you’re looking for reasonable rates and a company who will deliver your parcel to its destination quickly and safely, then TNT Direct can offer everything you’re looking for.

How to send your parcel to Italy

Are you keen to make an international delivery to Italy using a well-established, reliable company? Then we offer just the service for you. All you need to do is supply us with the size, weight and destination of your package, and we can provide you with a selection of times and prices to choose from. To complete the process, all you require are a printer, email address, telephone number and method of paying. We’ll be straight around to collect your package so that we can send it on its way. Your delivery will only be handled by our expert team as it travels along our established network, before arriving safe and sound in Italy at the agreed time.

Book your Italian parcel delivery Today

Here at TNT we guarantee that all of our parcels will arrive on time and in perfect condition at the specified destination. We deliver to every part of Italy, so wherever your package needs to be, we’ll make sure that it gets there. To experience our premier service for yourself, simply enter your details online today and your parcel could be in Italy in no time.

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