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Need a Quick Parcel Quote? Use Our Online Postage Calculator

Here at TNT Direct we deliver to postcodes all over the UK, as well as to over 200 different countries worldwide. So if you’re wondering how much it is to send a parcel to one of these destinations, you can calculate postage quickly for your parcel with our handy online tool – our parcel price calculator.

Our postage cost calculator doesn’t just let you work out UK costs, it can also be used as an international postage calculator between any of our global destinations. So give this a try and make your bookings today with TNT Direct

How to Use our Parcel Postage Calculator: UK and International Deliveries

Using our parcel price calculator has never been easier! To get your delivery quote, simply enter your current location and required destination, the number of items you are sending and their size and weight. Then at the click of a button, our tool will calculate the postage costs and provide you with a price for your parcel delivery.

Again, once you have your parcel quote, be sure to make your booking and enjoy the fantastic courier, collection and delivery services we’re proud to offer.

Calculating Postage Has Never Been Easier

Using our parcel cost calculator is a quick and easy way to work out the cost of your parcel delivery. However, if you need any help using our parcel postage calculator, please contact our team and we’ll quickly explain how to calculate postage costs using this useful tool.

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