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About Us - Terms and Conditions

All orders placed on TNT Direct are processed by Limited on our behalf.

If you have any queries or experience any issues in respect of your service you should contact Limited.

The registered office address of is Coe House


Please read these Terms and Conditions with care and particularly clauses 3.2

Please note that certain items are Prohibited Items and cannot be sent by any of our Services. Check your item against the prohibited item list here: We reserve the right to deal with any Prohibited Items at our sole discretion without being liable in any way to you or the recipient of the Consignment containing the Prohibited Item(s). We have the right to dispose of any Prohibited Items

Certain other items are carried without compensation cover for damage or loss and at your risk. We do not accept any liability for loss of these items or damage to or made by these items caused through the use of our Service. Check your item against the item list not covered for compensation here: For further details it is important that you read clause 6.11.

Certain other items require more detail from you before they can be sent using our Service. Check your item against the more information required list here:

Standard Terms of Contract

1.  Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions where the following terms are used

(a)  “Consignment” means any item(s) of any sort which are

(b)   “Damaged Consignment” means a Consignment that is no longer in the condition in which it was received by us

 (c)   “Out of Gauge” a Consignment is deemed Out of Gauge if it is outside of the weight and dimensions that we carry on a particular service.

(d)  “Prohibited Items” means cannot be carried on any Service.

(e)   “Purchased” means when you accept the Service Order.

(f)   “The Collection Point” means the address at which a Consignment is received or collected by us.

(g)  “The Delivery Point” means the address to which any Consignment is delivered by us.

(h)  “The Excepted Risks” means:

(i)  war

(ii)  ionising radiations or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel

(iii)  radioactive

(iv)  pressure waves caused by aircraft and other aerial devices travelling at the speed of sound or faster

(v)  the absence

(i)  “The Service Order” means the summary of the order displayed during the ordering process which is confirmed to you in the confirmation e-mail that is sent once acceptance of the order has occurred.

(j)  “This Agreement” means these terms and conditions

(k)  “Us

(l)  “You” means the customer who is contracted with us as set out in the Service Order.

(m)  “Returned to Sender” A Consignment may be returned to sender (i.e. to us) if the recipient sends it back to us and you:-

(i)   do not accept receipt of that item;

(iii)   do not pay any outstanding charges; and/or

(iii)   if the item  is delivered and is an Out of Gauge item for which you nor the recipient pay the underpayment .  

(n)  “Service” means the service and carriage of a Consignment by us in accordance with the particulars set out in the Service Order.

2. Our Obligations

2.1   We will carry out the Service(s) for you whilst this Agreement is in force

2.2   We shall have the right to make any changes to the Service(s) which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement or which do not materially affect the nature or quality of the Service(s) and we shall notify you of any such changes.

2.3   We warrant that the Service(s) will be provided using reasonable care and skill.

3. Loading and Unloading

3.1   If collection or delivery of a Consignment takes place at your premises

3.2   Any Consignment (or part of a Consignment) requiring any special equipment for loading and unloading shall be accepted by us for transportation only on the understanding and condition that such special equipment will be made available at the Collection Point and the Delivery Point as required.  Where such equipment is not available and if we agree to load or unload the Consignment (or part of the Consignment) we shall be under no liability or obligation of any kind to you for any damage caused (however it may be caused) during the loading or unloading of the Consignment.  This includes any damage caused whether or not by our negligence and you shall agree to indemnify and hold us harmless against any claim or demand from any person arising out of our agreeing to load or unload the Consignment in these circumstances.

4. Collection and Deliveries

4.1   We will make one attempt to deliver a Consignment during normal working hours. If we cannot obtain a delivery receipt at the Delivery Point you agree that we shall be authorised to attempt to deliver the Consignment to

4.2  If we consider that the Consignment has become a Damaged Consignment and cannot be delivered because it is or in our reasonable opinion is likely to be unsafe hazardous or harmful we reserve the right to dispose of the Damaged Consignment immediately. If the Consignment becomes a Damaged Consignment because of our actions and we have to dispose of it we will only be liable to you up to the amounts specified in 6.7.

5.  Sub-Contractors

5.1   You agree that we may use another carrier in order to support our provision of the services to you (this will be at our own expense) and you agree that both we and this other carrier shall be entitled to the protection of all of the terms of this Agreement which exclude or limit liability for any losses or damage.

6.  Our Liability


6.1   Where you deal with us as a consumer

6.2   Nothing in this Agreement shall limit or exclude our liability for:

(a)   death or personal injury caused by our negligence;

(b)   fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

6.3   As a responsible business

(a)   The value of a Consignment and the amount of potential loss to you that could arise if a Consignment is damaged or lost is not something which we can easily ascertain but is something which is better known to you.  In many cases it cannot be known to us at all and can only be known to you;

(b)   The potential amount of loss that might be caused or alleged to be caused to you is likely to be disproportionate to the sum that we could reasonably be expected to charge you for providing the Service(s) under this Agreement;

(c)   It is not possible for us to obtain cover which would give unlimited compensation for our full potential liability to all of our customers and

(d)   We wish to keep the costs of providing the Service(s) to you as low as possible;

(e)   In light of the above we wish to limit our liability for any damage caused to you to levels which we consider proportionate to our low charges for providing the Services. These amounts are set out in clause 6.5;

(f)   In these Terms and Conditions

(g)   We investigate all claims received by us in a fair and speedy manner

The Extent of our Liability

6.4  We shall only be liable for damage or loss caused to you if it is caused by our negligence

6.5  We shall not be liable to you under any circumstances for any direct or indirect loss (including

6.6  We shall not be liable to you:

a) under any circumstances where there are any material discrepancies (meaning more than 10% difference) between the declared dimensions and weights and the actual dimensions and weights.

b)  in any circumstances in respect of the items on the Prohibited items; Special Provisions items and No Compensation items lists

The Limitation on the Amount of our Liability

6.7   If we are liable to you for any reason

(a)  If we lose or damage all of a Consignment we will be liable for a maximum of £50. If however this maximum figure is greater than the actual value of the Consignment then we shall only be liable for the full value of that Consignment;

(b)  If we lose or damage part of a Consignment

(c)  If we cause you loss or damage arising in any other way

If you consider that the potential loss to you caused by the loss or damage of all (or part) of a Consignment would exceed the figures set out above you must arrange separate cover or insurance to cover such potential loss. For the avoidance of doubt

We will not be liable to repay you the value of the Consignment as at the time it was purchased by you. Consignments by their nature are subject to depreciation. You are advised to take out a “new for old” insurance policy should you wish to be compensated in this way. Our liability to you is limited to the amounts set out within this clause 6 and based on the actual value at the date of loss.

6.8   In order to ascertain the extent of our liability above

6.9   If a claim arises as a result of damage to the whole or part of a Consignment and if we settle the claim for a sum equal to or greater than the value of the Consignment

6.10   If you wish to combine a number of discrete packages you must do this within an outer box or packaging fully encompassing each discrete package. If you do not do this and any individual discrete package(s) come apart in transit resulting in one or more of them being lost

Prohibited Items

6.11  Certain other items are carried without compensation cover for damage or loss and at your own risk.  A list of these can be found at:

For the avoidance of doubt

Please note that whilst you may be able to take out insurance in respect of any of these items