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What are the UK’s Biggest Imports?

Each and every day businesses in the UK import various different goods from all over the world. These can be anything from the materials needed for manufacturing, to company supplies and even just the goods they sell.

Whatever the reason might be, what’s clear is that importing is vital to the country’s businesses, so much so that the UK is the fourth largest importer in the world, according to data from the OEC. Their statistics show that in 2016 alone a total of $609 billion worth of goods were imported and this figure rose again in 2017.

This certainly suggests there are plenty of importing opportunities, but it also asks the question of what the top UK imports actually are.

So, we’ve done the research to answer this query and below you can find a series of graphics breaking down what the UK’s main imports are.


The Top Five Biggest Import Sectors

According to data from Statista these were the top five biggest import sectors in 2017 :

*Source Statista

A Closer Look at these Commodities

If we look in more detail at some of these major UK import markets and use the OEC’s data, you’ll see there are lots of additional business opportunities within them:


*Source OEC

Rising Imports

As this data from Trading Economics suggests, importing has been important for the UK for a long time. More specifically though, importing has boomed in the last five years. Below is a representation of this information which clearly illustrates the notable growth in UK importing:

*Source Trading Economics

Biggest Import Partners

If you were wondering where the UK is primarily bringing in their imports, here are some of the UK’s main import partners and the amount brought in in billions in 2016, according to ONS data:

*Source ONS

Additional Advice for UK Businesses

All of the above helps paint a positive picture for UK imports and plenty of business opportunities for UK companies. However, successful importing and the shipping of goods from overseas can require a solid understanding of supply chains and logistics which can take up a great deal of time.

This is where we could help as we have dedicated Business Parcel Deliveries and also International Delivery options you could use to manage your company’s imports. Our services could also take the hassle away from you needing to manage this yourself, leaving you more time to focus on finding new import prospects.

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