How to make your business more eco-friendly

The Road to a Greener World

How to make your business more eco-friendly

As most business owners will be aware, there are Government rules and regulations in place to make companies more green-conscious and environmentally friendly. With the next general election looming though, it would appear the current laws are expected to become much stricter.

In a recent article from The Telegraph, which outlined the environmental policies from each major political party, a common theme between many parties was the reduction of carbon emissions. A sensible option it would appear then is to get your business ahead of the game and adopt an even greener approach to your operations.

You may already have put steps in place to get in line with the current laws, but to give you an idea of how you can make your business even more eco-friendly, included in this post are a few approaches to take on board.

Power Plant

Aim for Significant Reductions in Emissions

In several UK towns and cities, low emission zones already exist and some have put in proposals for ‘ultra-low’ emission zones.  Companies which rely on the use of vehicles – so everything from logistics to trades purposes – should look into investing in greener models. TNT for instance has already worked towards this by expanding their fleet to include electric delivery vehicles. You can find out more about this at via our blog.


Create Comprehensive Recycling Programmes

Traditional recycling methods for the typical waste products you get from businesses are a great start. Paper, plastics, glass, food and metals to name a few materials should be properly sorted and recycled. You could take this a few steps further though by sourcing your office furniture second-hand and getting supplies that are made from recycled products.


Update your Technologies and Facilities

Dated technologies, facilities and older machinery can be a big drain on your resources as they won’t be anywhere near as efficient as newer models. The simple option is to check your current setup and appliances, then replace the particularly inefficient appliances with up-to-date, greener models. If this is beyond your financial means, modest changes like energy-saving lightbulbs and smaller appliances can help improve your situation. Alternatively, doing your best to maintain your facilities or regularly servicing your machinery can also make a difference.

All hands on deck

Encourage your Employees

Draw up your own set of rules for your employees to follow to encourage them to act in a more eco-friendly way at work. This can range from setting out the guidelines of your new recycling programme, to encouraging them to bike to work for instance. Remember to follow these rules yourself though to show you’re all in this green drive together.

To return to a key point, the upcoming election is going to be very important. Changes will be made to existing environmental policies and procedures and the reality is these simply cannot be ignored. Acting now could also be very beneficial for your business by enhancing its reputation. Your existing and potential customers might be impressed by your company’s dedication to protecting the planet. So, like this post suggests, give these ideas a try and get your business ahead of the curve in more ways than one.

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