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Helpful Apps You Can Use to Boost your SME’s Productivity

Improving your SME’s productivity levels can help your company achieve more success. This is because the time you could save from using productivity apps could be put back in to developing and growing your small business.


To make your search for such apps easier, we’ve complied a list of eight examples that you could use to help boost your SME’s productivity:


#1 – IFTTT


Great for saving time and improving productivity, the IFTTT app helps to organise your workload, by ensuring that all your apps and devices talk to each other.


The automation service can also be useful for businesses as it helps to streamline processes, without you having to go into each individual application to make something happen. For example, within social media management, your business could use it to email customers if they comment on a Facebook post, or to post a photograph to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all at the same time.


#2 – Todoist


Todoist can help you to manage tasks and projects from anywhere, across more than 10 different platforms.


The simple design of the app makes it easy to use and stay organised with its range of useful features. These include the opportunity to break tasks down into sub-tasks, colour coded priority levels and labels and filters to fit your workflow.


#3 – My Budget Book


My Budget Book can be used to make your budgeting easier. It can also simplify your expenses and help you to track them over monthly periods, so you can quickly identify areas where you might be overspending.


#4 – Google Keep

A useful choice for creative SMEs, Google Keep is an app which allows you to store thoughts in note form, as photographs, lists and as audio clips.


The modern-day equivalent to carrying a pen and notebook, Google Keep stores everything in one place. This makes it a very useful productivity app, plus you can quickly take note of any key or important information as and when it comes up.


#5 – Trello

One of the top productivity apps for managing group projects is Trello.


It allows users to make boards for projects and updates and notifies you instantly when any changes are made. You can also upload files, add checklists and it synchronizes across all your devices, making it one of the really productive apps for project management work.


#6 – Expensify

If you want an app that handles your expenses in real time, Expensify can be one of the most useful productivity apps available.


With an automatic ‘approval’ feature which determines which expenses need approving and which ones can be automatically signed off, this app can save business owners a lot of time.


It even has an automatic reimbursement option, where you can choose to deposit money back into employee bank accounts the very next day.


#7 – Outlook Mobile 


The Microsoft Outlook mobile app can be a very useful productivity app for your SME’s team members.


Being able to access your email account, calendars, contacts and files from across a range of different devices, helps to save time and can enable you to do more. The features also enable you to schedule meetings and share your calendar with others, all at the touch of a button.


#8 – GoToMeeting


For a business app that’s guaranteed to save you time, the GoToMeeting app can be a top choice.


It allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world to hold meetings and it integrates with other programmes including Gmail and Outlook, to co-ordinate schedules and calendars.


Make the Most of these Productivity Boosting Apps


Whatever your industry, these eight apps could be able to help streamline processes and save you a lot of time.


A final thing to remember is that you can be even more productive with your SME by using our Business Parcel Delivery solutions to speed up your delivery processes. Much like the effects these productivity boosting apps can have on your operations, we could make your logistics more effective and efficient.


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