Benefits of Remote Working: What are the Advantages for SMEs?

The Advantages of Remote Working for SMEs


According to studies and data in this report from Forbes, working remotely is proving to be more and more popular. The report suggests remote working has seen a boost in employee performance, productivity, morale and can even help improve communication.

Below we’ve detailed what you need to know about this practice and how you could make the most of what it has to offer.


What is ‘Remote Work’?

In short, ‘remote work’ is where your employees (internal or freelance) work outside of your SME’s main location. This might see them working from home, from other offices, or essentially anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

Today’s technologies allow us to access work resources via laptops, smartphones, devices and cloud storage; in other words, with remote working, you can essentially run your SME without the need for a permanent base or location.

In this instance, we will look at how working remotely could be particularly advantageous for SMEs.


Remote working: Benefits and Advantages for SMEs

As an SME, you could find the following benefits and advantages if you were to introduce remote working:

Wider reach around the country for your SME

By having the ability to essentially work wherever there is a working internet or Wi-Fi connection, an SME can theoretically reach wider parts of the country. You can also base team members in different areas of the country or in cities that you want to target with your products or services.

It can be more affordable in terms of amenities and facilities

From a cost-reduction point of view, having more team members working remotely could theoretically reduce the amount of resources you need to use. Your utility bills may come down and you wouldn’t have to equip your SME with as many facilities for a smaller number of employees.

An easier work/life balance for team members

It can also provide a better work/life balance for your team, allowing them to work either from or closer to home. This could be especially useful for those with young families, or who typically have further to travel than others. This could also make your SME a more attractive prospect for new employees.


Starting or Diversifying a Business?

The advantages of remote working are something that a variety of SMEs and indeed larger businesses could potentially benefit from. If you are considering starting a business, or even diversifying your existing small business, remote working could be something you can make the most of. You may want to dedicate more time to selling your products or services online. If this is the case, you could use our ecommerce delivery solutions to move your goods; these can also be managed online through remote working.


To Conclude…

Whatever your SME’s situation, or your current business setup, choosing to invest in remote working could help improve your company. If you do want to diversify, then consider the above and support your employees for working remotely; ultimately, you could end up with a happier and more productive workforce.


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